changing the way communities deal with waste

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We turn garbage into electricity — how is our process unique?

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Our Performance

Plasco diverts 95% of waste from landfill, replaces fossil fuels with our clean gas, improves local air quality and reduces a community's carbon footprint.


Plasco Trail Road Performance

Plasco’s commercial-scale demonstration facility in Ottawa, Ontario is the culmination of more than 25 years of focused research and development.

Since the facility first began processing post-recycled MSW from the City of Ottawa in January 2008, operations at Plasco Trail Road (PTR) have successfully demonstrated:

  1. Electricity generated by GE Jenbacher engines sold to local utility
  2. Superior environmental performance
  3. Production of commercially acceptable vitrified slag
  4. On site water treatment

For more information on our facility, please visit our Plasco Trail Road website.


“On many fronts, we need to challenge the old assumptions and look for new innovative processes that are more sustainable and fully protective of the environment. Surely it is better to recover some value from waste that can’t be recycled, than to landfill it and get nothing."

John Gerretsen
Ontario Environment Minister