changing the way communities deal with waste

We turn garbage into electricity — how is our process unique?

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Our Solution

Plasco's technology is a sustainable solution helping clients maximize the conversion value of their waste into valuable products.


Our Solution

Plasco’s technology and proven equipment design converts solid waste into a clean fuel gas. The conversion of waste into the clean fuel gas is done without emitting any emissions to atmosphere. Our robust design can handle municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial wastes and hazardous waste streams. In addition to the clean synthetic gas we produce a non-leachable vitrified solid and clean water. Plasco possesses the in-house technical expertise to tailor design a Plasco Gasification and Refining System for project developers and we have national and international EPC’s to deliver and construct the plant. Plasco offers several plan configurations to provide clients with flexibility to configure a PGRS that best satisfies their business model.