changing the way communities deal with waste

We turn garbage into electricity — how is our process unique?

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Our Solution

Plasco's technology is a sustainable solution that can help communities tap into the value of waste and reduce the negative impact garbage has on the environment.


Responsible Management of Waste and Resources

Until now, waste has been a problem typically managed by shipping it long distances for disposal. This results in serious emissions from trucking and shifts the environmental burden to areas that didn’t create the waste.

Power generation from waste in the past has been accomplished by using large incinerators that communities don’t want to be near, and electricity is often transmitted long distances back to urban areas. When electricity travels long distances, transmission line losses occur and costs increase in proportion to the distance travelled.

Plasco allows waste to be dealt with where it is created, and electricity to be generated where it is needed.

Our facilities can be distributed across light-industrial or commercial zones within city limits. Here’s why:

  1. Facilities don’t emit odors; waste is stored for short periods of time inside a building with negative air pressure
  2. Noise levels are very low; we are rated residential noise level at our property line
  3. Ultra-low emissions come only from engine exhaust
  4. Physical size of a facility is small; a typical facility requires about 10 acres of land

“The conversion of municipal solid waste into electricity, clean water and aggregate allows the company to address two very important markets: managing waste as well as producing clean energy."

Jeff Serota, Senior Partner
Ares Management, July 2010