changing the way communities deal with waste

Garbage does not have to go waste —reduce, reuse, recycle, recover

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Our Solution

Plasco's technology is a sustainable solution that can help communities tap into the value of waste and reduce the negative impact garbage has on the environment.


The Plasco Advantage

The Plasco Advantage begins with our superior technology and environmental excellence. We also recognize that it takes more than technical proficiency to run a successful project. Success depends on understanding the local communities in which we work, communicating openly, and designing attractive sites.  We work with local consultants and developers who provide insight and guidance on in-territory issues and strategy as well as help lead the project development process.

Together with our partners, we work to build strong community support. Open and transparent community engagement is essential to planning, building, and operation of a facility.

We have teamed with industry-leading equipment and service providers to deliver Plasco Conversion Systems with financial, performance and environmental guarantees. These guarantees lower risk for financiers, developers, local communities and end customers.

95% of the waste processed by the Plasco Conversion System will be diverted from landfill and converted into useful products. Leading the way to a future without landfills, a Plasco Facility offers the following benefits to communities:

  1. Improves local air quality and reduces a community’s carbon footprint
  2. Curbs landfill growth and expansion
  3. Preserves natural resources for future generations
  4. Creates local jobs
  5. Requires zero capital from the community
  6. Provides budgetary certainty with predictable tipping fees



80% of municipal and industrial solid waste in Canada is disposed of by landfilling processes.