changing the way communities deal with waste

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Our Technology

Plasco employs a patented process that efficiently recycles heat from the process to gasify the waste and then uses the unique characteristics of plasma to refine the gaseous products into a clean, consistent syngas.


How is Plasco Different?

Plasco’s non-incineration process is fundamentally different than any competing thermal technology. Rather than using plasma torches directly on the garbage, Plasco uses plasma only to refine the gases released from gasification and to create Plasco’s slag product. With the torches interacting only with the gas and remaining solids, there is lower electricity demand than competing technologies. The quality of Plasco’s fuel gas is highly controlled and consistent, producing fuel for a combined cycle power plant; internal combustion engines plus heat recovery steam generators. The process also yields other valuable products co-products including recyclable metal, slag suitable for abrasives, and recovered water.

Because the garbage is gasified and not burned, the multiple and costly pollution abatement systems required by incinerators can be replaced with single string units that yield class-leading environmental performance. The result is ultra-low emission engine exhaust that will meet or beat the world’s toughest environmental standards.