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Our Technology

Plasco employs a patented process that efficiently recycles heat from the process to gasify the waste and then uses the unique characteristics of plasma to refine the gaseous products into a clean, consistent syngas.


Plasco Trail Road

Plasco’s Trail Road Facility (PTR) is a commercial-scale demonstration facility that converts municipal solid waste into a consistent syngas than can run reciprocating gas engines to generate electricity.

Plasco entered into a partnership with the City of Ottawa in April 2006 for the construction of PTR across from the City’s Trail Road Landfill. The facility has a small footprint (3 acres) and was built on existing landfill space.

Plasco Trail Road was constructed for several purposes:

  1. Demonstrate Plasco’s technology at a commercial scale
  2. Produce environmental emissions data that will accelerate permitting of commercial projects
  3. Incrementally improve the operational and environmental performance of subsystems
  4. Validate Plasco’s engineering models used for commercial designs

Between January 2008, when the facility first began processing post-recycled MSW from the City of Ottawa, and January 2015, operations at PTR successfully demonstrated:

  1. Electricity generated by GE Jenbacher engines sold to local utility
  2. Superior environmental performance
  3. Production of commercially acceptable vitrified slag
  4. On site water treatment

"The City of Ottawa has supported Plasco from the get-go and considers it both an important contributor to our local economy and an important solution to our trash problems."

Larry O’Brien
Former Ottawa Mayor, April 2010